Your options: Solar, Wind, Geothermal & Biomass systems

Clean energy technologies have developed to the point where almost any building can reap economic benefits from installing a clean energy system.

The choice of the most appropriate technology depends on a number of factors:

Your objective or need for energy

Suitability of application for your property, driven by factors like:
Building characteristics
Geographic location
Energy usage

Financial characteristics:
Upfront investment
Available tax incentives and rebates
Annual Savings and implied rate of return
Available financing options

Technology by Application
Technology options based on your objective and need for energy
Key Characteristics
Suitability of Applications
Cost, Incentives,
Financing Options
Federal & Some state and local governments offer tax incentives and rebates to promote installation of clean energy systems. These incentives can reduce the cost of clean energy system by up to 50%.

Additionally, there are several options to finance these systems, further reducing the need for a large cash investment by the property owner.
Annual Return
on Investments