Itek Energy

Primary Line of Business

  • Product Manufacturer

Itek Energy

Primary Line of Business

  • Product Manufacturer

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Inspired by the challenges our world faces with the use of carbon intensive energy sources, the founders of Itek Energy envisioned using their skills and knowledge in manufacturing to build solar photovoltaic modules.

Our products are manufactured in the U.S., creating local jobs and strengthening the domestic clean energy economy. Itek's experienced engineers, operations, and management team share a passion for solar and are proud to be building a cleaner, brighter, healthier future for our world.

More About Us

More About Us

Since 2009, Washington state-based Itek Energy has been manufacturing competitively powerful, high quality, and efficient solar photovoltaic modules.

Committed to on-going development of cutting edge technology, we have increased our power rating from the industry standard 240W to a market-leading 305W and above.

Itek sources only the best components for our modules from the U.S. and around the world:

• Our solar glass is anti-glare with a prismatic sub-surface texture that is engineered for high performance in both diffuse and direct light conditions.
• We use among the highest efficiency monocrystalline P-type cells in the world.
• The EVA encapsulant we’ve chosen ensures superior bonding.
• Our backsheet is engineered for maximum weather protection.
• Installers love Itek’s anodized aluminum frame for its durability and ease of installation, saving homeowners and businesses money.

Smart business growth, investment in the latest manufacturing equipment, and using among the highest performance P-type cell in the world, allows Itek to provide superior products, while steadily lowering prices.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV

Product Manufacturer Ratings by EnergySage

Product Manufacturer Ratings by EnergySage
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  • Overall Rating:  Standard

    • At or better than industry average performance, quality, and durability specifications

    • Industry average warranty coverage

  • Warranty Rating:  Standard

    • Standard-level performance output and materials warranties.

  • Performance Quality Durability Rating:  Standard

    • Efficiency: The majority of Itek's panel models operate within the industry average efficiency range

    • Power output: Itek's internal testing indicates that their panels will produce power within ±3% of their power output ratings

    • Temperature sensitivity: All of Itek's panel models operate within the industry average range of temperature sensitivity

    • Quality manufacturing standards: Compliance not publicly documented

    • Durability standards: Compliance not publicly documented

    • Snow & wind load: All panel models meet industry average standards for snow and wind load

Product Manufacturing Details

Product Manufacturing Details
  • Current Models And Output

    255HE, 260HE, 265HE, 270HE, 275HE, 280HE

  • Product Technology


  • Efficiency


  • Product warranty duration

    10 Years

  • What's Covered in Product Warranty

    Itek's product warranty covers physical or mechanical defect in materials or workmanship which impairs the function of the product in a period of 10 (ten) years.

  • Product performance warranty

    After 25 years power output should be no less than 80%.

  • What's covered in performance warranty

    Itek's performance warranty covers the output efficiency of your solar system. After 25 years power output should be no less than 80%. If the output is reduced to less than 80 after 25 years Itek will fulfill its warranty by repairing product/defective component or replacing the product/defective component.

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  • Corporate/Ownership Structure

    Private Independent

  • CEC Approved Inverter


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Case Studies

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