• Solar PV
    Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems convert sunlight into electricity. You can use this electricity to power your home, business or any other building.
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  • Solar
    Hot Water
    Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems use the sun's energy to heat water for use by homes, commercial buildings and swimming pools.
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  • Solar Space
    Solar Thermal Space Heating Systems capture the sun's energy to supplement the existing heating system for a home or commercial building.
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  • Small Wind
    Small Wind Energy Systems contain electric generators that convert wind power into clean, emissions-free power.
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  • Geothermal
    Geothermal heat pumps use the earth's energy to provide heating, cooling and hot water for residential and commercial buildings.
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  • Biomass
    & Bio Fuel
    Biomass Heating Systems generate heat from organic materials and residues. The systems are used for space heating and to heat water.
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  • Combined
    Heat & Power
    Micro Combined Heat and Power Systems are highly efficient natural gas systems that produce electricity and heat at the same time.
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Biomass & Biofuel systems

Biomass heating systems generate heat from plant and other organic materials and residues. The systems are used for space heating and to heat water.


Example of Residential Pellet Stove
Handful Of Wood Pellets

Biomass is considered a renewable source of energy. According to the Energy Information Administration, 53% of all renewable energy consumed in the United States in 2007 was biomass-based.

  • Biomass Heating Systems Are a Proven Technology--One That Has Been in Use for Thousands of Years since humans began burning wood to cook and keep warm.
  • Biomass Heating Systems are Highly Durable and Will operate for Decades.
  • Biomass Systems Require Annual Maintenance.
  • They are most suitable for homes and commercial buildings in colder climates, that use oil or electricity for space heating.
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