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Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy Solutions

Last updated 6/7/2019

Green Power

Buying green power from your electric utility is one option if you're looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

Renewable energy credits (also known as renewable energy certificates, or RECs) represent the energy generated by renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Buying RECs is another way to support alternative energy. 

Carbon Offsets

Your carbon footprint is a representation of the total greenhouse gas emissions that were generated from your actions. When you buy carbon offsets, the money you spend is used to fund environmental projects that will reduce GHG emissions.

Community Choice Aggregation (CCAs)

With community choice aggregation (also known as CCAs), local governments purchase electricity on behalf of their constituents as an alternative to buying electricity supply from a utility company. Residents, businesses, and municipalities opting into a CCA plan can save money while supporting renewable energy generation.

Retail Energy Providers (REPs)

Buying your electricity from a retail energy provider (REP) is one way to take control of your energy while reducing your personal carbon footprint. You can choose where you want your electricity to come from.

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