Melrose leads the way!

Melrose Energy Commission Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Map of solar projects in Melrose, MA

Over 100 Melrose residents have installed solar panels on their homes, producing over 1 million kWh which translates to:

Trees planted every year
Gallons of gasoline saved

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Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, also known as solar panels or solar power systems, convert sunlight into electricity. Smart, efficient, and practically maintenance-free, they’re a great solution for both residential and commercial properties.

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Whether economic, personal, or environmental, going solar has a wide range of benefits like saving money (a lot of money!) and saving the environment. See what else made the list.

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Case Studies

Visit the EnergySage case studies for real-world context on solar energy and read up on some of the amazing systems at work in the world and in your neighborhood today!

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