Sierra Club and EnergySage Team up to help businesses and non-profits reap the benefits of solar and other clean energy technologies

Press Release

BOSTON, MA – Mar 4, 2013

The Massachusetts Sierra Club and Cambridge-based EnergySage, an online marketplace for Solar photovoltaic (PV) and other clean energy systems, launched a joint effort to help businesses and non-profits learn about, select and obtain competitive bids for solar and other clean energy technologies.

The EnergySage program, which is accessed through a Sierra Club portal, provides objective, comprehensive information on the operations and benefits of clean energy systems. In addition, the EnergySage Marketplace provides an online comparison-shopping process that secures competitive quotes from pre-screened installers. EnergySage facilitates the choice of system, installer and financing option and accelerates the procurement process.

For properties lacking suitable structures for a solar installation, EnergySage provides the ability to evaluate and shop for a range of clean energy and high-efficiency technologies such as solar hot water, small wind turbines and ground source heat pumps for space heating and cooling.

The program focuses on businesses, municipalities, religious institutions and other not-for-profit organizations, though homeowners also have access to the same tools and information.

Benefits of solar photovoltaic systems include lower, more predictable energy costs that may generate annual investment returns exceeding 20 percent. New and flexible financing options, for acquisition, including leasing, power-purchase agreements and loans can create immediate cost savings with little or no expenditure by the property-owner. Indirect benefits of these systems include positive impacts on employee morale, customer satisfaction, and enhanced community perceptions of the company.

"This joint effort gives our Sierra Club members an opportunity to inform businesses and other property-owners about an important, no-cost service. It can lead to financial savings while reducing greenhouse-gas emissions." comments Dan Proctor, Chair of the Massachusetts Sierra Club. "EnergySage's resources provide the tools and guidance needed to research and compare clean-energy systems and the available financing options. By simplifying the comparison-shopping process, we believe that demand for clean energy will increase greatly." offers a host of clean energy educational resources and tools, including a large, zipcode-searchable database of detailed case studies on existing clean energy installations. Also featured are profiles, ratings, and reviews of products and installers. The company offers objective information and guidance not only in obtaining multiple quotes from its network of pre-screened, high-quality installers, but also in finding appropriate financing solutions from banks and other financing sources.

"Clean energy systems provide incredible financial benefits for businesses. By simplifying the research and shopping process, we are helping to accelerate their adoption within the business and non-profit community," notes Vikram Aggarwal, CEO of EnergySage. "EnergySage shares the Sierra Club's commitment to bringing clean energy systems into the mainstream and we look forward to serving as a trusted guide and advocate for its members and affiliates. We are thrilled to join with the Massachusetts Sierra Club in this effort."

The EnergySage Solar Marketplace was funded in part by a SunShot award from the U.S. Department of Energy.

About Sierra Club

Sierra Club is the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. The Massachusetts chapter has a 42-year legacy of protecting the environment with successful legislative, advocacy, and educational campaigns. Please visit

About EnergySage, Inc.

The EnergySage Solar Marketplace, a comprehensive national consumer destination site for solar photovoltaics (PV) systems. The EnergySage Marketplace transforms the complex Solar PV shopping process into a simple online comparison-shopping experience, by enabling consumers to compare quotes from multiple pre-screened installers in an apples-to-apples format across all financing options. The unique, innovative platform provides unprecedented levels of simplicity, choice and transparency, all at no cost to consumers.

The EnergySage platform helps to reduce prices and make solar PV systems more accessible to a larger portion of the population. Its goal is to drive exponential increases in market adoption of solar. EnergySage’s benefits extend to providers such as manufacturers, installers, financiers and other professionals involved in the solar PV sales process as well, through increased consumer awareness, knowledge and demand for their services. By creating efficiencies in both the buying and selling processes, EnergySage slashes the time and effort required by consumers and installers, significantly reducing customer acquisition costs, boosting consumer confidence, and ultimately accelerating mass-market solar adoption.

EnergySage has received two prestigious SunShot Awards from the Department of Energy to develop and commercialize the Solar Marketplace.

Start with an Instant Estimate of your Solar Savings is operated by EnergySage, Inc.