National Grid is offering you a simple and easy way to get a great deal on a solar energy system for your home or business

Why Go Solar?

Going solar helps reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions associated with fossil fuels, promotes job creation in Rhode Island communities, and diversifies RI’s energy sources. It can also be a good investment for property owners.

Solar Rhode Island Marketplace

National Grid has teamed up with EnergySage to offer RI residents and businesses a simple and easy way to shop for solar. Simply create an account and receive multiple online quotes for a solar installation on your property. Compare the offers, apples-to-apples and speak with EnergySage Solar Advisors to help answer any questions you might have along the way.

I think the single most important thing about EnergySage is that it got companies coming to me.

The second most important thing was that I kept getting new quotes and thinking about different options. The quotes were for different price points, and it was the last quote I got that was the best - partly because I had asked questions and knew better what I was looking for by that time!”

Kent Radek

Solar Incentive Program Update

The Renewable Energy Growth (RE Growth) program has renewed capacity for this year

The allotted solar capacity for this program has been renewed effective April 1, 2019.

See How Much You Can Save with Solar

Getting online solar quotes makes it easy to compare your options

Will Solar Work for My Home?

For solar energy to make sense for a homeowner, the roof must have around 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day with minimal shading from trees or other structures. South facing roofs are the best, but solar can also be installed on east or west facing roofs these days given advancements in solar technology.

Solar energy systems represent a great financial investment for many RI homeowners. An example solar energy system for a typical RI family is shown below, along with the average financial costs and benefits. As you can see, it’s a great time to go solar!

This is just an example!

This ballpark example is based on an average 7 kW home solar energy system in Rhode Island and may not be exactly representative of what all customers may experience depending on the unique characteristics of each property and the incentives available at the time of purchase.

Getting online solar quotes makes it easy to compare your options

Example solar earnings for a 7kW system in Rhode Island

Pay Cash

Own the system; maximize earnings
20 Year Net Earnings
Net Cost
7.3 Years
3% or more
Increase in
Property Value
Your Estimated Earnings

$0-Down Loan

Finance system with a 20-year loan
20 Year Net Earnings
Out-of-Pocket Cost
Monthly Payment
Increase in
Property Value
Your Estimated Earnings