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Benefits of REPs

Last updated 6/7/2019

Depending on the market you’re in, the price of electricity, and many other factors, there are a variety of benefits to purchasing your energy from a retail energy provider (REP). In fact, there are a few benefits that can be realized by anyone opting to buy from a REP:

  1. Greater control over the source of your energy
  2. Quality customer service and care
  3. Support clean energy and renewables development

Take control of your energy

Electricity supplied by utilities in regulated markets is reliable and generally cost-competitive, but, as the end consumer, you have no control over where the electricity is coming from. By switching to energy provided by a REP in a deregulated state, you can take control of the energy you consume by intentionally choosing where it comes from and how it’s generated. 

Enjoy quality customer service and care

REPs don’t have a guaranteed source of customers like a traditional utility does. Because REPs need to earn and retain customers, they often have many unique perks for customers. REPs can offer a variety of services to consumers, including:

computer screen icon

Online bill payments

smart phone icon

Mobile apps

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Energy usage monitoring tools

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Promotional product offerings like smart thermostats

In addition to these perks, many REPs offer quality customer support online or over the phone, also stemming from the need to win and keep customers in a competitive energy marketplace.

Support clean energy and renewables development

Another way REPs provide opportunities for improving energy choice is through their renewable energy offerings. Many REPs offer electricity plans that source some or all of the energy they provide  from renewables like solar and wind power, making them a great way to support the development of clean energy resources and reduce your personal carbon footprint. REPs are able to offer these renewable energy plans to consumers at competitive rates due to the continually declining costs of both large- and small-scale renewable projects.

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