Solar Hot Water in Cambridge

Solar hot water systems use the energy of the sun to heat your home's water supply. This technology is entirely renewable, and installing it can both save you money and benefit the environment.

An overview of solar hot water

  • A solar hot water system uses the sun to generate warm water for your home
  • Heat from the sun is captured by collectors on your roof
  • You can almost entirely eliminate your water heating bill with solar hot water
  • You can install solar hot water to supplement your regular water heater

Incentives for solar hot water


Solar hot water and air source heat pump systems installed in Massachusetts qualify for the Alternative Energy Certificate (AEC) program. With this program, solar hot water systems generate certificates based on their energy production for homeowners to sell to utilities. The revenue earned from these certificates will help you to further decrease your overall investment for solar hot water. Learn more about AECs by visiting the Mass DOER website.

Tax Credits

The State of Massachusetts provides a state tax credit of up to $1,000 for solar hot water installations. Learn more about how you can take advantage of this incentive.

Mass Save HEAT Loan

If you're installing solar hot water, you may be elgible for a 0% interest HEAT Loan from Mass Save to finance the projects. You can finance up to $25,000 of home energy efficiency upgrades. Find out more about Mass Save's HEAT Loan program. 

Do you live in a multifamily building?

Many Cantabrigians live in shared buildings. If you live in a multifamily air source, solar hot water systems are a good solution to heat and cool your water supply. That being said, there are extra considerations to take when installing this technology on a shared property. Our no-cost Retrofit Advisor can help your apartment or condo building learn more about suitable clean heating and cooling options and help you find ways to finance your project.

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Does solar thermal work in the winter?

Just like solar electric panels, your solar thermal panels will work during the winter. They will generate less hot water than in sunnier months, so you may have to use your backup water heater more often during the wintertime. Any snow that is accumulated on the panels will typically slide off on its own when the sun comes back out. Solar thermal systems installed in Cambridge will also have freeze protection.

Solar hot water in action

Cambridge homeowner installs solar hot water; "Easy way to reduce our carbon footprint by using the heat of the sun!"

Mina of Cambridge installed a few solar collectors to heat her multifamily residence. The system provides hot water for two families in the building, and covers roughly 50-74% of their total hot water needs. They decided to install solar thermal after learning that their roof wasn't good for solar PV because of limited roof space- with this technology, she's still benefiting from solar energy and reducing her carbon footprint!

Read more about her solar hot water installation.

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