Solar Hot Water in Cambridge

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Incentives for solar hot water


Massachusetts has a host of incentives and rebates available to help decrease your investment for a solar hot water. Learn more about rebates available from Mass Save, or apply for the rebates here.

Mass Save HEAT Loan

If you're installing solar hot water, you may be elgible for a 0% interest HEAT Loan from Mass Save to finance the projects. You can finance up to $25,000 of home energy efficiency upgrades. Find out more about the Mass Save's HEAT Loan program. 


Solar hot water and air source heat pump systems installed in Massachusetts qualify for the Alternative Energy Certificate (AEC) program. With this program, solar hot water systems generate certificates based on their energy production for homeowners to sell to utilities. The revenue earned from these certificates will help you to further decrease your overall investment for solar hot water. Learn more about AECs by visiting the Mass DOER website.

Do you live in a multifamily building?

Cambridge has a unique housing stock, and many Cantabrigians live in shared buildings. If you live in a multifamily solar hot water is still a good option for heating your water supply, but there are extra considerations to take. Learn more and chat with X company, who are experts in helping multifamilies with green heating and cooling options.

Does solar thermal work in the winter?

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Solar hot water in action




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