Duke University Collaborates with EnergySage to Help Employees Explore Solar Energy Options

The comprehensive solar learning and shopping solution provides current and new university employees with a simplified and trustworthy solar shopping experience

Press Release

Durham, NC – October 25, 2017

Duke University faculty and staff now have access to a convenient online tool for researching and purchasing solar energy systems for their homes. In support of the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI), the university will leverage an online solar marketplace from EnergySage to help its employees make well-informed solar decisions and advance the DCOI’s goal of climate neutrality by 2024.

Backed by the U.S. Department of Energy, the EnergySage Solar Marketplace allows consumers to request and compare competitive quotes online from local prescreened solar installers. Everything from equipment to financing options can be evaluated and selected based on what the consumer feels is best for them. This, along with detailed information about the costs and benefits of solar in North Carolina, will help Duke University employees explore their options with greater confidence and control.

“Building on the success of the "Solarize Duke" pilot program, our collaboration with EnergySage is yet another innovative step taken by the university towards achieving its overall climate goals and a more sustainable living style for our surrounding communities,” said Matthew Arsenault Program Manager at the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative.

Established in 2009, the DCOI is tasked with developing strategies to meet the university’s carbon offset goals in a way that provides significant environmental, economic, and societal co-benefits beyond the benefits of greenhouse gas emission reductions. In 2016, EnergySage facilitated solar projects generated over 25,000 tons of CO2 emissions reductions.

“In addition to providing new and current university employees with the right tools and resources needed to efficiently shop for solar, the program will be a boost to the local economy through increased access to installers and lenders in the area,” said Tess O’Brien, vice president of strategic partnerships at EnergySage.  

EnergySage is recommended by over 100 prominent organizations including utilities, municipalities, universities and corporations that utilize the EnergySage platform to help their employees, customers, members, residents, etc. better understand their solar energy options. By getting multiple quotes through the EnergySage solar marketplace, instead of working with solar installers individually, shoppers can expect to save up to 20 percent or more due to increased competition and price transparency.

To learn more about the program and begin exploring your solar energy options, visit https://www.energysage.com/p/duke/. Organizations interested in offering a similar solution to its community should contact Tess O’Brien at tess@EnergySage.com for more information.

About Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative

Duke University has committed to becoming climate neutral, reducing its contributions to the atmosphere’s levels of greenhouse gases to zero or below, by 2024. Internally, Duke University is switching to cleaner fuel sources and improving energy efficiency to reduce emissions, but Duke estimates it will still need to offset 185,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent-emissions per year, starting in 2024. Understanding that carbon offsets will play a significant part in reaching climate neutrality, the Office of the Executive Vice President established the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative in June 2009.

The Initiative is responsible for developing and implementing the University's strategy for meeting its neutrality commitment by 2024, and focus on projects that both reduce emissions levels in the atmosphere and provide significant local, state and regional environmental, economic, and societal co-benefits. In pursuit of this goal, the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative strives to showcase Duke University as a model for achieving climate neutrality and pass along the lessons learned through project successes and failures, implementation tools, and educational resources to ease project development within the academic community.

About EnergySage, Inc.

EnergySage is the leading online comparison-shopping marketplace for rooftop solar, community solar, and financing. Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, EnergySage is the trusted source of information for over 3 million consumers across 35+ states. In 2016, the company sent nearly $1 billion in solar installation requests to its network of more than 400 pre-screened solar installation companies, and served as a high-quality lead source for solar financing companies and powerful distribution channel for solar equipment manufacturers. EnergySage is unique in that it allows consumers to request and compare competing quotes online, unlike traditional lead-generation websites. For this reason, leading organizations like Kaiser Permanente, National Grid, Schneider Electric, and Staples refer their audiences to EnergySage to empower them as they consider solar. The EnergySage formula of unbiased information, transparency and choice helps consumers go solar with confidence – at a higher rate of adoption, and lower cost. For more information, please visit EnergySage and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.