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Service once every 3 years by the installer, Sustainable Energy Development

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Desire to have cost-effective net zero energy home that will save $165,000 in energy costs over 20 years. The small wind turbine is one of three components. The other two are a 10 kW PV system and open loop geothermal heat pump system which combined generate 19,000+ kWh per year which is enough for heating, AC, hot water, all electrical systems PLUS 18,000 miles per year driving of my electric car.


In order to improve the efficience of my small turbine I had to replace the factory supplied inverter (GridTek 10) with two Aurora inverters. The GridTek10 still works and is in place as a backup. Bergy Wind Power now has a much better turbine inverter and inverter, PowerSync II, so future customers will not need to make the changes I made.

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