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What You Need to Know

Maintenance Requirements:

Self-clean water filter every 2 months during winter. Replace air filters once per year. Replaced defective termistor once in 4 years

My Motivation:

Desire to have cost-effective net zero energy home that will save $165,000 in energy costs over 20 years. The geothermal heat pump is one of three components. The other two are a 10 kW PV system and 10 kW wind turbine which combined generate 19,000+ kWh per year which is enough for heating, AC, hot water, all electrical systems PLUS 18,000 miles per year driving of my electric car.


There are no qualified installers of geothermal in my county: Clinton County, NY. My house is a proven example of why we need an installer to set up a business!

Additional Notes:

The system cost $10,000 more than oil heat in new construction. It costs $1,200 less than running oil furnace Its an open loop Geothermal (Ground Source Heat Pump) system Download much more information about my house from my web site.

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