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What You Need to Know

Other Benefits:

Closed carbon loop, not fossil fuel based, local, renewable fuel source, clean burning, aesthetically pleasing, useful for cooking as well as space heat

Maintenance Requirements:

Clean chimney every other year, empty ash drop twice per year. Stacking firewood once per year. Carrying firewood once a day during heating season..

My Motivation:

#1 - To keep warm #2 - To benefit the environment #3 - To avoid dependency on fossil fuels which will get more expensive and unreliable in supply


1 - Do research. Go see masonry heaters that work right first. Some versions are better than others. 2 - Plan a convenient way to clean the chimney - either in the basement or a safe access from the roof

Additional Notes:

We love our masonry heater

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Wood insert for home heating!
Wood insert for home heating!

Residential|Biomass & Biofuel systems

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Residential OkoFen Pellet Boiler
Residential OkoFen Pellet Boiler

Residential|Biomass & Biofuel systems

annual savings
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