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Home built, 50 gallon "Appleseed" BioDiesel Processor

What You Need to Know


I "grew" my processor over several years. The main processing tank is an 80 gal. hot water tank in which I can process 50 gallon batches of fuel. There are also washing and drying "tanks" to ensure high quality fuel. I've also built a methanol recovery still which reduces my costs and my impact on the environment

Other Benefits:

The main ingredient is used fryer grease, which I get from a local restaurant. They are happy to give me more than I can process. Combined with an efficient car (~45mpg), this makes for a relatively clean way to get around.

Maintenance Requirements:

Pumps and fittings tend to leak after a while.

My Motivation:

A brighter future :)


If you've got extra time, this is a great way to make a great transportation fuel.

Experience with Installer:

Sorry to say "no" to answering questions, but a) I haven't had time to make a batch in about a year :( and b) there is lots of info on the web - search for Appleseed Biodiesel Processor. Cheers!

Additional Notes:

I built my processor mostly as a demonstration of what could be done. The real goal is to have large scale, waste based BioDiesel produced and sold locally.

Open House Info:

Please see my Energy Efficiency listing for Tour information. PS Most folks coming for the Tour don't come to see the BD processor, so don't expect me to dwell on it during the tour. If you want more info, come early when the crowds are light :) Thanks!

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