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4.2 kW Grid tied, Solar Electric (PV) System

What You Need to Know


About 4200 watts of grid-tied PV. The old system has battery backup. The new 1000 watt system can be monitored on the web - see link. Cutting down some neighbors' trees would help boost output! ;)

Other Benefits:

Battery backup of critical loads during power outages.

Maintenance Requirements:

Recently replaced the tired old batteries with sealed, "maintenance free" batteries.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Daylighting, Energy Star lights and appliances,...

My Motivation:

A Brighter Future!!


PV is not the first thing you should do, but definitely a great move once you have upgraded insulation, lights and appliances.

Experience with Installer:

Shawn Lessord at Renewable Rochester is Great!

Open House Info:

Please see my Energy Efficiency listing for Tour information.

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