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"Mr. Slim" mini-split air source heat pump

What You Need to Know


Superinsulation (See our Deep Energy Retrofit page) allowed us to heat the home last year with this 10k Btu heating system - about one fourth the size of the smallest gas furnace.

Other Benefits:

Cost about 10 times less than a ground source heat pump and is just about as efficient. "Right sizing" means that it does a fantastic job of dehumidifying while it cools the house in the summer.

Maintenance Requirements:

clean the filters every-other month.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Everything we could think of!

My Motivation:

A Bright Future!


The best part of my job is helping others replicate the success that I've had making my old house a model of energy efficiency. Please come to the free Tour, or call me at work to set up a consultation.

Experience with Installer:

Nick Anselm was great to work with.

Open House Info:

see my Deep Energy Retrofit page for details

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Bill LaBine - Avon - NY: Energy Efficiency
Bill LaBine - Avon - NY: Energy Efficiency

Single-Family Residence|Energy Efficiency

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