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Flat Plate Solar Hot Water System

What You Need to Know


My solar domestic hot water system was built mostly from recovered parts, including the (3) 3'x7' panels and the 80 gallon storage tank. A small PV panel powers the anti-freeze loop, which simplifies the other control wiring. I use an external heat exchanger. Nothing fancy, but it keeps making lots of hot water. :)

Other Benefits:

No Fracking Required ;)

Maintenance Requirements:

I've changed the anti-freeze solution 3 times over the years.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

A drain water heat exchanger saves about 50% of the energy for a typical shower. The system is backed up by a small tankless hot water heater. See separate listing.

My Motivation:

A brighter future!


Just Do It!

Experience with Installer:

self installed

Open House Info:

Please see my Energy Efficiency listing for Tour info. Thanks!

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