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Solar cooling Recycled materials FSC Certified Wood Non-Toxic Products Energy Star Appliances Trace Inverter, windows were recycled,(for the barn) recycled styrofoam used to insulate foundation. 2,Southwest wind power micro turbines 400 watts. 6 , 120 watt solar panels, Infiltrator leach field, Sterling engine powered wood stove fan. 12 T- 105 batteries. Energy Star rated TV/VCR/DVD, computers Maytag refrig(Ecoconserve) Peerless-Premier propane kitchen stove, We designed and built our home using our own logs milled on-site. A log sided ranch. 2x6 framing, pole building on floating Alaskan slab. Standard fiberglass insulation, steel doors, vinyl sided windows. Partial interior walls for heat/air circulation. South side all glass w/pergola. West side sunspace. Propane kitchen stove with a small woodstove also. Living room woodstove with heating coil for hot water. Tile and wide pine board interior flooring, and wood walls. Ceiling is all wood; cathedral ceilings throughout. Metal roof.

Other Benefits:

We did it ourselves, made mistakes, but it was a very small investment for what we have. you REALLY don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home! FOOLISH!

Maintenance Requirements:

maintain battery bank. check wiring, water level of batteries

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Batt/Blanket Fiberglass Daylighting, Energy Star Appliances, Local Materials, Non-Toxic Products, Passive Solar, Rain Barrels, Recycled Materials, Sunspace, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof

My Motivation:

We bought an empty hayfield and needed to build as inexpensively as possible! Never wanted another utility bill. Be an independent as possible. Reduce fossil fuel usage.


RESEARCH!!!!!! VISIT other places, take your time. Wish we knew more about this when we started to avoid mistakes. Would have built an underground home.

Experience with Installer:

did it ourselves, can't afford help.

Additional Notes:

Built in our hayfield, put in our own road, logged from our forest(sustainably), had logs milled on site, just a big experiment. Everyone thought we were crazy to try to live this way, jokes on them!

Open House Info:

From Thruway in Fultonville , get on 30A South. through Glen, past Sowles Country Store and up the hill, just past Sowles metal buildings, watch for Net Life helicopters, right hand side is Reed Hill Rd - at end take a left. Green Rd. North is there. 1/2 mile on left watch for sign 227 Green Rd. North. American flags mark the driveway entrance. Long gravel road will lead to our farm. Check us on mapquest. From Rt. 161 out of Sloansville or Canajoharie,watch for Green Rd. South, follow to end, farm sign on right between Carron and Polin Rd. Call if lost. (518) 922-8280 We are "Certified Naturally Grown" for maple syrup. Electric fence will be turned off during the tour. We will explain about sustainable farming. NO Pets or unsupervised children please. We are handicapped accessible. If animals bother you, this isn't the place to visit. We also do animal rescue work and have Scotch Highland cattle and other large animals here. We want to share how all this is possible for a small investment. Sugar shack in front of our house, pure maple syrup available. (yes, that is solar powered also) no pesticides used here. Animals in natural setting, wildlife habitat. raised bed gardening

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