- Collegeville - PA

What You Need to Know


Geothermal heat pump Air sealing, duct sealing, insulation/ventilation, compact fluorescent lighting. Solar heated pool, low chemical use. Knephar Dunn Farm is a 300 year old stone millhouse with passive solar and energy efficient renovations and additions. The property is fully powered by a grid-tied PV system with geothermal backup. We also have a solar heated pool, organic gardens and composting, recycling, chickens, goats, peacocks and butterfly gardens. SunPower Builders' passive solar office is on the same site, built with recycled and salvaged materials, and also powered by PV!

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Daylighting, Energy Star Appliances, Passive Solar, Radiant floor heating, Recycled Materials, Sunspace, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof

Open House Info:

Please call for directions and RSVP. 610-489-1105 Pets roam the property- dogs, cats, birds, and other. Follow Pechins Mill Road to dead end (dirt road). Park along left-side of driveway. Low-heeled shoes recommended.

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