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Solar domestic hot water Zero-Energy achievable homes by utilizing: Grid-tied photovoltaics, Passive Solar, Air Source Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery Ventilation, Instantaneous Hot Water, Super-Insulation, Energy Star Rated & Energy Star Appliances. The tour given by Carter Scott, Developer, and will include exterior views of 24 homes that include a mix of affordable and market rate homes; single family and 1 multi-family condominium. Each home features photovoltaic installations and is built to the highest Energy Star standards. All of the homes earn the highest Energy Star rating, a 5 star plus, and save over 50%-100% of energy compared to the typical new construction home. The tour will also include the exterior views of the Zero-Energy home that has a HERS Index of -4. This house received the $15,000 award the Zero-Energy Challenge, a contest sponsored by the state's investor-owned utility companies - National Grid, NSTAR, Unitil, and Western Mass Electric, in June 2009. The tour will also include the interior views of three homes including the 'Groton' design, a 1,824 square foot 3 bedroom home achieving a 0 HERS Index and the 'Bedford'design, a 3 bedroom all on one floor home. The Groton home features super-insulation and air source heat pumps systems. Another home open for interior viewing has a HERS value of 20 and includes a 4.68 kW photovoltaic system, a super insulated building shell, a ground source heat pump, a woodstove and greenhouse . Low Impact Development (LID) storm water management techniques are also designed throughout the development's layout.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Spray Foam Open Cell Daylighting, Energy Star Appliances, Energy Star rated, LEED rated, Non-Toxic Products, Passive solar, Recycled Materials

Open House Info:

Mapquest directons to 8 Coppersmith Way Tours meet at 8 Coppersmith Way and begin at 10 a.m. or by appointment. Contact: Carter Scott, Transformations, Inc., 8 Coppersmith Way, Townsend, MA 01469 phone: 1-978-597-0542, Website:www.Transformations-Inc.com & Email: Carter@Transformations-Inc.com

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