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Beautiful natural materials home that uses no fossil fuels.

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Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of electricity

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The 6.4 kW array includes a grid tied system with SMA SunnyBoy 4000 inverters, with backup off-grid system including SMA Sunny Island inverters, a battery bank, and a Isuzu generator.

Maintenance Requirements:

Annual service visit.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

This recently finished house features passive solar heat; innovative thermal mass system using water-filled recycled plastic jugs in 1st Fl ceiling, dyed concrete floor for thermal mass on basement floor, ground loop pipe and heat exchanger, Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV); heat recirculation system; tight thermal envelope; triple glazed, fiberglass windows, with high SHGC on South side of house, FSC and locally sourced materials, low-VOC/non-toxic materials, manifold plumbing, durable construction techniques and day lighting. Green construction processes included temporary PV power for construction purposes; a composting toilet for constructioncrew and a biodiesel run truck.

My Motivation:

Building a house that uses no fossil fuels for heating or electricity.

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