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Living with a small off-grid array keeps me very thoughtful about my energy use. I convert my fridge to an icebox in the winter to save power.

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Off Grid PV photovoltaics (system added in 2004), straw-clay construction, composting toilet, masonry stove, all local wood, earth plasters, non-toxic products, daylighting, off-grid, gravel trench foundation. 12" straw-clay walls, 12" cellulose roof, 8" cellulose floor. Materials include: Camara Slate (Vermont), Six Mile Creek mud, Newfield straw, West Danby aspen wood. "This house was built with community: many helping hands; many conversations, questions, and some answers; many trees and stems of wheat; many stones and drops of mud. It is imperfect: there are visible mistakes, changes of plan, muddy handprints of enthusiastic friends. Yet it is gradually becoming perfect, with the marks representing stories, ideas, relationships. It is built to last for centuries, but to leave little trace besides rich soil when its useful life is ended. It is built with stones at the base, stones on the roof; straw, clay, mud plaster, and hand-joined aspen timbers between; and a core of bricks to hold the fire in the heart of the home. Welcome."

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Composting toilet, Daylighting, Local Materials, Masonry stove, Non-Toxic Products, Straw bale, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof

Open House Info:

From Ithaca, take Rte 79 East from the Commons approx. 4 miles. Turn right onto German Cross Road. Go down hill, over bridge, pass 3 white houses on left, note small red barn on left. Park as directed or on road, walk in driveway beginning at red barn and leading along hedgerow, approx. 1,000 feet. Please come ready to walk in along a lengthy driveway. Please park either on the shoulder of the German Cross Road or as directed by signs, and respect the neighbor's lawn, which adjoins the driveway.

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