Dramatically reduced yearly utility costs and carbon footprint by 'point-of-use' power generation/collection with NO fossil fuels consumed.

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25% to 49%

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Ground mounted Photovoltaic system for ease of installation, periodic inspection, reduced impact on homeowner insurance and easy snow removal after winter storms.

Other Benefits:

Currently we are purchasing less than 25% of the electricity we purchased in the first year of residence. Previously we had installed Solar Hot Water (for domestic hot water only, not space heating), Solar Hot Air Heater units for two rooms on either end of the house.

Maintenance Requirements:

Annual systems check.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

In addition to Grid Tied PV system: Geothermal heating/cooling system and masonry thermal mass stove installed in 2000, at time of construction. Solar Hot Water for domestic water installed in 2008. Solar Hot Air room heaters installed in 2009 & 2011. Solar (SHW) Space Heating completed in 2013.

My Motivation:

1) To reduce carbon footprint 2) To reduce heating and electricity bills as much as possible. 3) To demonstrate to others what is possible with renewable energy strategies in NH, even with a 'retrofit' of an existing structure. 4) Reach the goal of 'Net Zero', which is in sight!


Do your homework, get education from certified/accredited renewable energy facilities, and seek advice from professionals who do NOT have a vested interest in what decisions you ultimately make on a system purchase. I strongly recommend MREA (mid-west renewable energy association), which has tons of great offerings on workshops from basic to advanced. Although they are in Custer WI, any class I have taken was well worth the trip!

Experience with Installer:

After taking numerous classes and workshops with 'tradespeople' I was extremely careful to sign on the right installers, finding those professionals who had strong product knowledge. If you are looking for the best list of PV and Solar Hot Water installers, start with the NABCEP.org website. The lists there are very reliable, having been independently tested and certified to very high standards of knowledge/experience.

Open House Info:

From Exeter, go south on Route 108 about 1 mile beyond Routes 150/108 junction. From E. Kingston, go north on Route 108 about 2.2 miles from Carmen's Chicken (now called Red Iguana). Yellow colonial house with front porch up on the hill. Solar and wind installations are visible from the road. GBOH Tour for 2013 will be on Oct. 5th, from 10am until 4pm.

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