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Geothermal heating/cooling system installed in 2000, with masonry thermal mass stoves to assist during the winter months. Two cords of well seasoned firewood is consumed each year, harvested from the property.

Other Benefits:

When the geothermal system is either 'calling' for heating or cooling, the de-superheater will give us some added capture of 'waste' Btu's for the domestic hot water heater tank. In our case, this is an electric hot water heater. For the 4 - 5 months a year that we are not heating or cooling the home very much, we are using electricity to heat your water tank. Electricity is the most costly way to heat your water. So, Solar Hot Water seemed like a logical step to reduce my electricity bill.

Maintenance Requirements:

Yearly maintenance visits by a well qualified firm are highly recommended, as there are valves, control units, freon levels, etc. to be checked. Air filters should be examined and changed regularly by the homeowner. In 12 years of service on the same system, 6 valve motors have needed replacement, but only one valve. Also, one fan motor needed replacement, with two freon 'top-ups' over the 12 years of ownership.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Batt/Blanket Fiberglass for added insulation of ductwork in unconditioned spaces, attic, basement, etc. Masonry stoves were used for added 'high demand' winter days, or to reduce demand on Geothermal system on light heating days. And who does not love a hearth fire burning?

My Motivation:

We had wanted to build a house with no 'Fossil Fuels' used or stored on the property for space heating, hot water or cooking. Renewable Energy strategies were also to play a large part.


Do your homework on the technology, the equipment and the installers. Ask for referrals and be sure the 'steak' you buy is as good as the 'sizzle' they sell.

Experience with Installer:

Marty Pearson of Stone Comfort was the installer/mason for the Tulikivi fireplaces. He is a master craftsman and has been installing these units for almost as long as they have been sold in America. When he finishes his work, you have a highly efficient heating appliance, which is also a piece of art.

Open House Info:

From Exeter, go south on Route 108 about 1 mile beyond Routes 150/108 junction. From E. Kingston, go north on Route 108 about 2.2 miles from Carmen's Chicken (now called Red Iguana). Yellow colonial house with front porch up on the hill. GBOH Tour for 2013 will be on Oct. 5th, from 10am until 4pm.

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