The system has made the heat in my home more consistent throughout the house and I am saving 67% over when I moved into the house.

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I have the PV mounted on a shed behind the house so it offers an alternative for folks who have a large tree in front of their house as I do. Also, I have a new heat pump electric water heater which has moved the cost of my hot water from $90 per month (hot water on my oil furnace) to $9 per month. I have both closed cell foam insulation in my attic and high pressure cellulose in my walls, as well as an additional inch of rigid foam insulation under vinyl siding. On the cost question, this has been done over a number of years. Including the PV installation, the overall cost was around $30,000 of which I received tax and other rebates of approximately 50%. Also, I received a 0% loan through CET. The most recent addition to the house was the cellulose insulation and the water heater. Although I had already done the windows, the rigid foam and insulated the attic, I saved an additional 33% on my oil bill in the 2010-2011 heating season.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Loose Fill Cellulose Deep energy retrofit, Energy Star Appliances

My Motivation:

There are several reasons for doing this work. The house was cold and the cost of heating it was prohibitive and getting worse. My hot water system was on the furnace and was costing far more than it should have so a change was necessary. I was taking down a rickety garage and pulling up an asphalt driveway. This was the right time to put in solar pv with the construction of the shed.


The processes involved with the Mass Saves program work, but not without a great deal of work on the homeowner's part. I would definitely want to work with a provider who has the capacity to supervise the entire process and can assist with the paperwork.

Experience with Installer:

All the installers that I worked with were very good and and very committed to doing a good job. Since I was serving as my own general contractor, I needed a great deal of advice. They were very good at assisting me.

Open House Info:

45 Forest Avenue in Greenfield is between Federal and Davis Streets approximately 1 mile north of the center of town. Prior to putting in the insulation, I had to have the knob and tube removed. Before putting in the new water heater, I had to remove asbestos insulation.

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