What You Need to Know


Solar domestic hot water Single family house built in 2010. 5K grid-tied solar system (24 Sanyo HIT 210N modules, Solectra PVI 5300 inverter), geothermal water-to-water heat pump (Geostar GESEWW030H 10SSA), passive solar design, super-insulated (blown-in cellulose, walls R35), radiant floors, heat exchange ventilation system, triple glaze windows on north, other windows double-pane low E with high heat-gain coefficient, Energy Star 5+ rated, meets Vermont Builders' Greener standards.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Loose Fill Cellulose Alt Fuel Vehicle, Energy Star Appliances, Energy Star rated, Passive Solar, Radiant floor heating, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof

Open House Info:

Route 7 to Brandon, turn at intersection with Town Hall and town offices (West Seminary St.), going up the hill bear left at branch, house is at next corner on the right side (just past the small park)

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