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What You Need to Know


Air Source Heat Pump Passive solar orientation, 8" dense pack cellulose insulation in walls, 12" in ceiling, 2-in spray foamion in basement, air source heat pumps, air source hot water heater, no vocs, recycled content and local materials, double-pane windows Energy Star rated, to be LEED platnum or gold, native and drought resistant landscaping.

Other Benefits:

Fresh Air intake; dehumidifier; air cleaner

Maintenance Requirements:

Air filters need to be washed eery 2 wks.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Loose Fill Cellulose Energy Star Appliances, Energy Star rated house, FSC Certified Wood, LEED certified, Non-Toxic Products, Passive Solar, Recycled Materials, Water Sense

My Motivation:

It's availability and moral obligation.

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