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Last big push for 'Net-Zero'.

What You Need to Know


16 collectors (almost 600 sq ft of collection surface), 1250 gallon storage tank, radiant floor loops for space heating. This system is a ground mounted 'Drainback' system with no glycol requirement. Cannot overheat or freeze during seasonal diversity or vacations, etc.

Other Benefits:

Radiant floor heating is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat homes here in the northeast. Using the sun as the power-plant to generate the Btu's, just takes this to the next level!

Maintenance Requirements:

Annual system inspection and add water that may have evaporated.

My Motivation:

Over the past 5 years we have reduced our utility power purchased to less than 25% of what it was. We could have put in more solar electric to address this last portion, but solar pv would have required a larger electrical main service panel than the home has to accommodate the expansion.

Experience with Installer:

Steve Cuzziere of GoGreen has been fantastic, taking on this project was nothing new in scope, scale or requirement for his firm.

Additional Notes:

Final pricing, rebate(s), tax credits, annual savings not calculated at this time.

Open House Info:

From Exeter, go south on Route 108 about 1 mile beyond Routes 150/108 junction. From E. Kingston, go north on Route 108 about 2.2 miles from Carmen's Chicken (now called Red Iguana). Yellow colonial house with front porch up on the hill. GBOH Tour for 2013 will be on Oct. 5th, from 10am until 4 pm.

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