Deep energy retrofit/renovation of foreclosed home into duplex, easy-living, for Veterans in transitional housing.


What You Need to Know


The building features multiple systems installed as a complete deep energy retrofit. We began with a complete super-insulation and air sealing package that includes top-of-class triple pane tilt n't turn windows. With energy efficiency maximized, we included low energy use ventilation and heating/cooling systems and appliances. Domestic hot water is from a roof-top solar system.

Other Benefits:

The house is all-electric. No gas bill, no combustion products anywhere in the dwellings. Everything is easy to maintain and healthy for the occupants.

Maintenance Requirements:

Very little. Change filters on the heat recovery ventilator once a year or so.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

R-40 Walls, R-60 Roof, continuous insulation through cellar with radon mitigation built in. Very tight construction including passiv-haus quality windows and doors. Units feature heat recovery continuous ventilation, air-source heat pumps for space heating and space cooling, Energy Star appliance including magnetic induction cooktops and convection ovens. Solar hot water system. And much more.

My Motivation:

We were hired by the Owner, the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center, to design and build to demonstration project using publicly available funds.

Experience with Installer:

There are no many sub-contractor/installers who know how to do this or to quote out an installation appropriately. It is imperative that folks interested in this hire a highly qualified team or you will spend a lot of time re-inventing the wheel.

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