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The Niagara Power Visita solar array powers exhibits and educates the public.


What You Need to Know


The New York Power Authority has installed a 16kW solar photovoltaic ("PV") system on the roof of the Niagara Power Vista located at 5777 Lewiston Rd., Lewiston, NY. The system installer, Solar Liberty, is a New York based North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners solar PV installer. The system consists of sixty-six (66) 245W solar modules manufactured in New York by Solartech Renewables, mounted at a 10° tilt on DynoRaxx SR1 Ballasted Racking System, also manufactured in New York. This solar array is connected to three SMA Sunny Boy 6000US inverters that intertie with the Power Vista’s 208V service. The expected annual energy production from the system is approximately 17090kWh. The PV system provides access to real-time data from the array and weather instrumentation through an interactive touch screen display. This kiosk, supplemented with a large overhead display monitor, serves as a fun interactive resource for educating visitors about renewable energy and its capabilities.

Open House Info:

The Power Vista is open daily from 9:00am - 5:00pm

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