Free Fuel For Life, The Sun has not taken a day off in 4.5 Billion +- years. Renewable Energy is Homeland Security. Like avoided fuel purchaces, no price increases, shortages, or volatile markets.

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Solartron Energy Systems, Model# SB-4.5-4400 Solar Concentrator System (CSP) SolarBeam tracts sun with a unique celestial algorithm and GPS to track the sun regardless of the season. SolarBeam Control system can be programmed to provide a wide range of tempature settings up to 93 deg C (200deg F), 5gpm, 35,851btu/hr Our SolarBeam system circulates to the boiler(maintaining temp), then circulated through a 2500 gallon Mass Thermal Storage tank(concrete) in a closed loop, and back for reheat at the SolarBeam concentrator. The MTS tank (30,000lbs) is our (Battery of Heat) 160 degreesF, for night use, and/or incumbent weather. A copied model tank insulation design with a heat loss of 1 degree/28 days was provided by a modeled design home built year 2000, Kingston, NH. A Ethrnet connection to the controls of the SolarBeam will display your daily output and totals from anywhere you have web service. To date 9/2/12 the system has produced 220,000+-gallons of hot water as evidenced by the closed loop water meter. producing an average of 650 gallons Hot water/day in January and June 2700 gallons/day. Useage is for heating and hot water.

Other Benefits:

Want to Avoid Heating & Hot water bills, and can be used for air conditioning with an absorbtion chiller.

Maintenance Requirements:

Simple Yearly Pressure washing, 6 grease fittings in gear train To Date Zero maintaince.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Original (1986) 30" x 40' flat plate aluminum frame collector provided DHW for 25 years+- whenhome was built. Year 2007- installed 2000k Sanyo PV collectors system, with 4000w Xantrex Hybird/inverter/charger on/off grid system. Installed 2007 24 Sedio evacuated tube system to feed 160 gallon DWH tanks

My Motivation:

Book "A Golden Thread" 2500 years solar architecture and Technology by John Butti and John Perlin has been a favorate history lesson. Last published "1980" You can obtain from "Highly recommended for the solar minded people" Sharing Our Thoughts of Learned Proven Sun Facts: Reliable dependance, good distribution, zero maintenance, proven design, zero upgrades or modifications, zero price increases, easily available to anyone, zero shortages or volatile markets, clean renewable energy. Clean, Clean, Clean.


1st Priority, buy-build-or make a Domestic Hot Water system. The quickest return for your money! (generally the largest user of energy.) 2nd Priority, purchace a Photovoltaic system, matching your current energy demands (KWH) per month. 3rd Priority, look into Mass Thermal Storage and a solar collection system that will provide thermal energy for building heating. It can be done as MIT built their first solar home in 1939, result was the home/laboratory remained 72 degrees throughout the winter. Credits are in the book "A Golden Thread" 1980. A Kingston, NH home built year 2000 with 5000 gallon mass thermal storage has been energy free of heat and hot water 12 years. Solar systems are a Low Risk, High Yield Return Systems generating up to 550% life cycle returns in 25 years (Tax Free) Systems can have a 5-6 year payback, it's like prepaying your heating and hot water bills in advance. You will be happy you did. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize.

Experience with Installer:

Go radiant heat (Pex-Piping), the heat source only needs to be 80-120 degrees, less stack tempature wasted, studys have concluded less colds/sicknesses, and when your feet are warm-you infact are warm. Moped radiant floors dry quickly, less chance of slip and fall. design walkways, driveways, entry ways with radiant for heat dumps, to de ice, melt snow etc. Build radiant deep under a garden (Below rototiller depth) for that longer grow season. Spas, pools, saunas, etc.

Additional Notes:

SolarBeam systems have solar certifications in 3 continents, systems are sold and installed world wide. Schools, public office buildings, fire houses, are all users that can help reduce town taxes by eliminating the need to purchace future rising fuel costs, shortages and volatile markets.

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