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NGrid Deep Energy Retrofit project is expected to be net zero when fully on-line in the Fall, 2012

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Deep Energy Retrofit in NGrid DER Pilot program project renovation and expansion of a single family home. Mechanical system includes premium efficiency forced hot water heating (Bosch Greenstar), 4-zone air source heat pumps (Mitsubishi) and heat recovery ventilation system (FanTech). 5.76kW solar photovoltaic system installed by AstrumSolar

Maintenance Requirements:

the systems are yet to be fully operational

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

closed cell spray foam and rigid board foam insulation, R41 walls, R62 roof, R30 foundation walls, extremely low air leakage rate

My Motivation:

the need for sustainability


advise careful review of general contractors

Experience with Installer:

bad experience with the original DER general contractor; good experience with the replacement DER general contractor

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