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Passive House, net zero home

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Open house hours are: 10am to 4 pm. Email for other dates/times This home is being built to the Passive House standard, which is 90% more energy efficient than US code. Only some 200 homes in the US have been built to this international standard. With the addition of ~6KW solar voltaic, we will be at net zero for annual energy consumption. Home is under construction. Home floor plan aligns perfect southern orientation with majestic view of the Saco RIver. Expect building envelope completed by the tour: Insulated concrete form foundation; additional 4" exterior EPS/Roxul insulation; factory built double stud exterior wall spaced 14" apart; factory built roof trusses; special attention to air sealing and thermal breaks.

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Roy Passive House--Falmouth MA
Roy Passive House--Falmouth MA

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