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18,000 Btu Mini Split Heat Pump - Very high efficiency

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Quick Facts
Energy Needs Met

25% to 49%

of space heating

Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of air conditioning

What You Need to Know


1.5 ton heat pump mounted in main large two story family room so heats & cools most of house. Use for 3 seasons. Winter use wood. Noise from compressor is outside. No duct work

Other Benefits:

Only run oil furnace in middle of winter, below 30 degrees

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Solar PV Pole Mounted 3.4 Kw with automatic Battery Back-up, grid-tied.. SHW Two 4x8 panels, 120 gallon single tank, drain-back type without antifreeze.. 10' 1 Kw Home build 48v wind Turbine with large Fork Truck Battery 50’ tilt tower.. Large southern exposure with Passive Solar thermal mass trombe wall behind large high efficiency fireplace.. External basement insulation, including horizontal 4’ out from wall.. 3’ x7’ Solar Hot Air Heating panel..Rain water harvesting hidden in bench.. Aluminum Shingle Reflective Roof, lifetime warranty and hurricane proof.. Daylighting, Energy Star Appliances, Radiant floor heating, Recycled Materials, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof ..Many RE features not listed.. Could go off-grid for many days.

My Motivation:

This is my retirement plan for low utilities and comfort

Additional Notes:

We have been doing a efficiency improvement and RE projects to our house for many years. Along the way we have incorporated almost all available technology. Our fuel oil usage has gone from about 800 gallons a year to 200. Our electric bill has gone from about $150 per month to $60 at the same time we doubled the size of our family room and added central AC. Payback is better than the stock market.

Open House Info:

1147 Dalton Rd off Honeoye Fall#6 road in Honeoye Falls. From Rt390 at Rush follow Rt 15 south to light, left onto HF#6 road. Dalton is on right in 3 miles. 3rd house on left, east, blue tall house. 2.5 miles north of Rts 5&20 in Lima 5 minutes to either E.Avon or Rush Rt 390 exits. Long driveway with Parking at House. Long recycled driveway with circle for parking at house.. In-line weatherstation RE system monitoring

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