Living Roof prototype transforms existing NFTA bus shelter

What You Need to Know


This is a prototype living roof on an existing barrel arched bus shelter. It is a pre-vegetated extensive system using several varieties of sedum.

Other Benefits:

Living Roofs are a standard "green infrastructure" technology that have many advantages - some particular to this application: passive air conditioning, stormwater management, shading, roof membrane protection, air improvement, aesthetics and color, habitat, etc. This installation incorporates the use of solar electric for lighting the attached sign panel at night. Living roofs help solar panels perform more efficiently by reducing ambient temperatures.

Maintenance Requirements:

Watering during root establishment and during prolonged drought conditions.

My Motivation:

NFTA Executive Director, Kim Minkel, responded to an inquiry by sustainability advocate, Mike Jackson, about the possibility of doing a demonstration project. NFTA has many sustainability initiatives, such as bio remediation, solar electric generation, hybrid buses, etc. NFTA welcomed the challenge of adapting one of the ubiquitous bus shelters.

Open House Info:

The green bus shelter is open to the public at the north east corner of Ellicott and North Division Streets.

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