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ENERGY EFFICIENT The house is constructed with a superinsulated envelope, including an additional R-10 on the underside of the floor framing. Dense=packed cellulose insulation and careful air-sealing ensures that the home is constructed to be air-tight. RENEWABLE POWER The south-facing roof is constructed at a 60-degree angle - the ideal slope for solar hot water collectors to generate the necessary heat in winter. BUDGET / ECONOMY This home was constructed for about $125 per square foot, with the understanding from the owner that there would be an extended construction timeline. SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPE The same virtual footprint from the original home was used, including utilizing a similar pier foundation to allow the natural drainage patterns to remain. RENEWABLE MATERIALS Many of the materials used in this home are made from recycled content, are environmentally friendly or come from local sources.

Open House Info:

Use these Google Maps directions to get to the house in Spruce Head, ME - http://goo.gl/maps/IFuqe. The house is open from 10am to 4pm.

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