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Project underway to run all heat, hot water, electricity and vehicles from the power of the sun.

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Other Benefits:

Two car charging stations for electric cars

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

In additional to solar, we are renovating our 1875 farmhouse to superinsulate and switch all heating / appliances to electricity. R60 roof, R40 walls: most types of insulation - double wall, spray foam, foam board, hard pack cellulose.

My Motivation:

Saving the planet, low cost of living for when we retire

Experience with Installer:

Solar installers were very customer focused - lots of helpful information about the process

Additional Notes:

Savings are at current renovation state. Will be more when complete.

Open House Info:

NESEA Green Building Open House Oct 5 2013 10am to 3pm: You can park on the street, take a 62/76 bus from Alewife or arrive by bike on the Bedford Narrow Gauge bike trail. Gate from yard to bike trail will be open with a sign.

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