Energy audit completed June 2012 with $2,454 rebate from efficiency vermont, siding and re-insulation completed September 2012. PV Solar (another profile) installed Dec 2011

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We resided the house, as it was 29 years old and had suffered a lot of damage over the years, particularly form hockey pucks. This presented the opportunity to improve the insulation and air sealing. Once the siding was off, the foam board and plywood and fiberglass insulation were pulled out. The inside edges of the insulation bays were all foamed, Roxul StoneWool insulation was used along with new foam board. Cost of the project were the insulation materials only. The labor was done by myself with oversight of the siding contractor, Rob Cislo. Waste (very very little). The old fiberglass insulation was used to insulate the crawlspace. The old insulation sheathing (Tuff-R) was used on the house wall in the garage which was not resided nor had the fiberglass replaced. The old vinyl siding is being used on two deer camps, what little was left is being recycled. The energy audit by Andrew Hathaway was in conjunction with the efficiencyvermont - the website is linked.

Maintenance Requirements:


Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

In another profile (same house): PV solar completed December 2012, 7.5kW

My Motivation:

Economics of saved energy dollars. Refinishing the house on a "permanent" basis, no major work will be needed for a loooong time, environmental concerns.

Experience with Installer:

Outstanding. Rob Cislo gave excellent guidance on our insulation work, and very agreeable in working with me as I did the siding tear down and re-insulation and Rob did all the residing along with overall guidance. Andrew gave us good detail and support on the necessary energy improvements, he is very knowledgeable.

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