Passive solar home in Corinth, NY. Most of our heating energy comes directly from the sun, supplemented last winter with one cord of firewood.

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Quick Facts
Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of space heating

What You Need to Know


Passive solar heating with a forced air system running through a 12-inch concrete slab, low-e insulating windows, and 6-sides of 2 layers of polyisocyanurate insulation around the entire house exterior.

Other Benefits:

No furnace, no fuel oil. We have a propane tank for hot water.

Maintenance Requirements:

Changing of air filters, moisture management in winter as interior wood dries, wood stove fires to supplement heat.

My Motivation:

#1 - to control what I spend on energy #2 - to benefit the environment


Take on the extra work required to build yourself the most sensible, efficient home you can manage.

Open House Info:

We'd welcome guests to see the house and answer questions about why we thought passive solar was a cost-effective and convenient solution to uncertainty of future energy prices. Corinth, NY is a half-hour north of Saratoga Springs and southwest of Glens Falls. Please contact us at to get directions.

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