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Great new garden shed with 3.38kWh solar on roof

What You Need to Know


We installed 18 panels on our roof in 2007. After the additional 15 panels of this project we now produce more energy than we use plus we have a wonderful new garden shed!

Maintenance Requirements:


Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

local lumber was used in the construction of the shed and the south facing windows create passive heat and a great place to harden off plants

My Motivation:

#1 we loved our first system #2 benefit to the environment #3 no electricity bill! They owe us $$$



Experience with Installer:

PV Squared installed both our systems and we had a great experience both times. They are a local, cooperatively owned company and they provided us with good information and advice.

Open House Info:

October 13 2012 from 10-3 park in driveway

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