According to the MASS CEC, this is one of the most efficient PV systems in the area, producing in the top 1% of comparable systems. It has produced 46,250 kWh in 2012!

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This 34.04 kW photovoltaic system consists of 148 Sunpower 230 watt photovoltaic modules mounted in 2 separate arrays, one on the southwest and one on the southeast roof of the church, and 4 SUNNYBOY 8000 inverters mounted by the electrical panel. The system has generated 46,250 kWh in 2012!

Other Benefits:

In addition to the financial and environmental benefits, setting an example of good stewardship for other congregations and members of the community is our mission. Our system produces over 100% of our consumption and we have enjoyed substantial income to offset the original cost of the system since 2011!

Maintenance Requirements:


My Motivation:

We wanted to benefit the environment and set an example of good stewardship for the community. Net zero our electric bill and find a wise investment for the future of our congregation.


For a congregation, generally, it is much less complicated to finance a system through an endowment, grant or mortgage.

Experience with Installer:

The experience was extremely positive. CED was very helpful in assisting us in exploring a number of financing options and educating our congregation about the system production, SREC"s, maintenance and warranties. The crew was professional and installed a robust, highly productive system.

Open House Info:

Tour hours from 9-1 on Saturday October 5th.

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