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WOW! We now have enough energy to not run the generator almost daily. Instead we run it once a month or less!

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Quick Facts
Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of electricity


What You Need to Know


Nine 235 watt PV panels on home made pole mounts series wired into two Outback MPPTs feeding a bank of 16 L-16's and run into an Outback 3524 inverter

Other Benefits:

We have several other systems on other homes on this property.

Maintenance Requirements:

Scrape off the snow, water the batteries.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Energy efficient lighting and other appliances.

My Motivation:

15 years ago the power company told us that to get power down our driveway would cost us nearly $7000. I built our original system for WAY less than that.


Build the system yourself...even if you have a professional design and help you with it...this way you can maintain and repair it

Experience with Installer:

Not much

Additional Notes:

We learned form out mistakes...your estimates on anticipated power consumption are often skewed to building the system too small!

Open House Info:

Our address is 14910 Fuller Rd. Adams Center, NY 13606 Call us or e-mail us if you want to visit. We will be here all day during the Green Homes Tour. 315 771-7333

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