A step at a time we are cutting our environmental impact and expenses with Solar hot water, PV, electric car, and more.

What You Need to Know


12 Canadian Solar modules. We used Enphase micro inverters so we can expand without worrying about outgrowing a traditional inverter, plus Enphase provides great module by module performance tracking.

Other Benefits:

We recently bought a Leaf electric car. One day we hope to expand the PV array so the house and car are fully sun powered. We like the fact we are saving money while cutting our enviromental impact.

Maintenance Requirements:

No mantenance and no problems to date. Plus the modules and inverters have a 25 year manf. warranty.

My Motivation:

We are committed to doing our part to walk lightly on the planet and are comforted to know our future energy costs are controlled

Experience with Installer:

Our system is outperforming our installers predictions.

Additional Notes:

We started with a solar hot water system, added PV and the electric car and car charge station. We have made energy improvements throughout the house. We hope that step by step we will get to net zero at some point.

Open House Info:

Look for the red house.

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