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This residential solar array is partnered with the latest in construction materials as well as a geothermal heat pump for its home conditioning. Part of New York State’s first green development!

What You Need to Know


The system is another piece to the puzzle of energy independence while taking a house as a system building approach.

Other Benefits:

Reduced carbon emissions and decreased energy dependence.

Maintenance Requirements:

Keep the system clean, rain will do most of the work. Yearly preventative maintence can help ensure optimal operation.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Natale Builders uses the best materials, quality engineering, peak efficiency equipment and subcontracts specialists to guarantee top quality work.

Open House Info:

Part of New York State’s first green development! Dedicated to environmentally friendly building practices, Natale Builders is proud to be the forerunners in creating a community that is built around new green home construction and conserving energy. Proud to be partnered with CIR Electric for renewable energy through Solar PV.

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