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What You Need to Know


We don't neatly fit into any of the categories listed here. We are primarily interested in sharing the intentions in the way that we live, with any practical choices we make about systems following from there.

My Motivation:

Our primary intention is to grow in our awareness of our interdependent co-evolution with all beings, and to increasingly bring this awareness to how we participate in the community of Life. Some pieces of relatively "low" technology - both purchased and created on-site (usually with scavenged materials) - support us in our exploration of the questions encountered in living this intention. We're interested in being available to those who are curious about this process.

Open House Info:

For complete directions please sign up for the "Big Rock at Ness" also and you will receive them via email. North Country Tour Organizer: Local Living Venture

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Rocket Stove Mass Heater - Big Rock House at Ness - Noon to 3pm

Single-Family Residence|Biomass & Biofuel systems

Simple Living & Solar - Big Rock House at Ness - NOON to 3 pm ONLY please
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