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Designed and built by Green Essex Solar, this system saves $250/month in electricity, monitors production in real time and works seamlessly.

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Quick Facts
Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

50% to 74%

of electricity

Net Investment


Return on Investment



What You Need to Know


11.8 KW rooftop solar system, Canadian solar poly panels, 2 SMA inverters, monitoring unit.

Other Benefits:

Property value increase

Maintenance Requirements:

None so far - rain cleans the panels

My Motivation:

1) Saving on an extremely high electric bill; 2) making an investment with a good return.


Work with an experienced solar installer and make sure they agree to handle all the project details for you. Green Essex Solar did that in my case, but I'm sure there are other good ones as well.

Experience with Installer:

3 installers were in the picture in total, including someone who was highly recommended by my golf caddy. Green Essex Solar's personal touch and willingness to go above and beyond really won me over. Even now, they continue to assist with my SREC sales and all my maintenance and monitoring questions. I highly recommend giving them a call if you are considering going solar in NJ.

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