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98% reduction in direct fossil fuel use

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Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

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High Effeciency Heat pumps for Church Building and Parsonage

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

New Solar Panels, windows, insulation, lights, and weather stripping.

My Motivation:

A desire to be good stewards of our planet. Cost savings.

Experience with Installer:

The variety of possible equipment choices and the range of spaces and old systems made finding the best cost effective solution a long process. For asthetic reasons we wanted all the outside equipment in one spot, some alternatives didn't meet this criteria. Since our goal was net zero energy use and lowest possible pollution, we had to reduce our energy use low enough for it to be provided by the space on our roof availble for solar panels, so effeciency was crucial.

Additional Notes:

Our newly renovated 1897 Casavant organ was having trouble with wood cracking from the low winter humidity, by adding an intergrated humidifier along with the better summer humidity control from the new system we expect to have fewer problems and less expense in maintaining the organ going forward.

Open House Info:

We will be giving tours from 10 - 2 on Aug 5, 2012

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