All the pieces of the green energy puzzle are now assembled at my home. The goal was to create a net zero carbon footprint. It was accomplished over the past 6 years as money allowed and as upgrades were needed. Along with all the minor daily tasks of saving energy, the next year will tell if I have reached my goal. If I am not at my goal, I am mighty damned close.

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This is a 3.8 kW ground mount solar array put in my back yard. When I bought my home, I did not realize that it is facing the wrong way. The ground mount system was a cheaper alternative to turning the house.

Other Benefits:

There is a little less lawy to cut. It also provides some privacy for my yard.

Maintenance Requirements:

I adjust the angle of the panels 4 times per year to maximize output. This only adds a few percentage points to the production. I have the time to do it, so I do. Other than that, no maintenance at all.

My Motivation:

This is part of my retirement package. My total investment was $40k. My return is about 6.5% per year (tax free). No more oil bill or electric bill other than the $16.00 per month line use fee (grid tied). I am saving $3,000 per year and am not subjected to cost increases in the future.


Knowledge is ing. It will save you money. Set up a program so that you can maximize your green energy goals at the least cost. This will reduce your payback time, increase your return on investment You also earn serious bragging rights.

Experience with Installer:

Very good. Real Goods Solar is a very professional operation.

Open House Info:

I am participating in the NESEA Green Buildings Open House Tour and the National Solar Tour on Oct 5th, 2013 from 10am until 4pm

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