Built to PassivHaus specs 7 kW solar pv's produce twice the home energy load, including heat

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The very most energy efficient home that we knew how to build in 2010

Other Benefits:

Warm and sunny

Maintenance Requirements:

Minimal so far (two years).

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Thermotech triple glazed windows. Extremely tight enclosure. AR-60 sidewalls, AR-120 roof insulation PassivHaus specs

My Motivation:

Building a retirement home that could be easily maintained by two (or one). No furnace, no basement, no second floor, not much lawn, garden next to kitchen door, no electric bill, loads of hot water.


Go for it. It is worth it.

Experience with Installer:

Top marks to all from Revision Energy

Additional Notes:

New construction. Perfect solar site. House has nine pitch roof with single 72 foot ridge line.

Open House Info:

Call 603 788 2857

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