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The Allsun Tracker has (20) 235 watt PV panels. It rotates in AZ and EL to get ideal sun tracking all day long. To understand how the tracker gets 40% more output than a fixed array, consider that in the summer my tracker is almost facing my fixed array in the morning and at sunset.

What You Need to Know

Description: We have a 20 panel version of this tracker.

Other Benefits:

By pointing directly at the sun from morning to night we can maximize our panels and charge the battery system quicker when PSNH goes down.

Maintenance Requirements:

A little grease yearly is all that has been required so far.

My Motivation:

We have panels aimed in slightly different directions to more efficiently charge batteries (E, SE. S, W and the tracker, which is optimized at all directions.


If you have the money and the inclination, get (3) AllSun (24) panel Trackers and a Tesla.

Experience with Installer:

The Tracker went up in a day! The paperwork was done for me and a netmeter installed. Paperwork for the $4500 NH Rebate was done for me.

Open House Info:

OCTOBER 5TH, 2013 from 8AM to 4PM Solar PV, Thermal and EV OPEN HOUSE 100% whole House solar electric, charging 4 electric cars, heating 4 garage spaces, heating a chicken coop, heating a cellar. PSNH pays us…with over 6 Megawatts “in the bank” Possible !00% thermal with wood backup. See “stick on” PV, Tracker PV, Rack PV, Xantrex XW system, Battery system and a microinverter system AC Coupled to the Battery system. See a Tarm 2200 Wood/Oil FHW boiler, a 900 gallon heat storage tank and 180 evacuated tube Thermal solar system. See a 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5, a 2012 Tesla S Signature Performance and a Chevy Volt.

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